Looking for songs, videos, games and activities that are suitable for Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) kids?

Check out our collection of:

Math resources to help your child or student learn the numbers from 1 to 20, counting objects, colors, shapes, same, different and opposites.

Literacy resources to help your child or student learn to read the alphabet, to write the alphabet, to read some simple stories and nursery rhymes.
There are lots of songs, stories and games to make learning fun and effective.


numbersLearning and Writing Numbers

Teach your child or student to read and recognize the numbers from 1 to 20 using songs and stories. They will also learn how to count from 1 to 20.

Learning Number 1 Learning Number 2 Learning Number 3
Learning Number 4 Learning Number 5 Learning Number 6
Learning Number 7 Learning Number 8 Learning Number 9
Learning Number 10 Learning Numbers 1 to 10 Writing Numbers 1 to 10

Learning Number 11 Learning Number 12 Learning Number 13
Learning Number 14 Learning Number 15 Learning Number 16
Learning Number 17 Learning Number 18 Learning Number 19
Learning Numbers 1 to 20 Counting Games  

Here are some videos to teach your child how to Write numbers from 1 to 10
Writing Numbers from 1 to 10

Counting Games Lots of Games to help your child learn to Count and Recognize Numbers

colorsLearning Colors

Help your child learn about colors with songs and flashcards.

Blue Brown Green
Orange Pink Purple
Red Yellow Black & White
World of Colors Color Games  

Color Games Lots of Color Games: Click and Color Games, Learning Colors, Mixing Colors, Color by Numbers, Color Puzzles


Learning Shapes

Teach your kids the basic shapes: Circles, Squares, Triangles and Rectangles

Circles Squares Triangles
Rectangles Learning Shapes I Learning Shapes II
Sorting Games  


sortingSame and Different

These are a series of games in videos to help the child look for the object that is different from the others.

Same and Different (Part 1) Same and Different (Part 2)
Same and Different (Part 3)  

Sorting Games Games that will teach your child how to Sort Shapes and Objects


More or Less None, some, more, all
Small, smaller, smallest Big, Bigger, Biggest


The Sorting Game Sort Things into Groups The Pattern Game Setting Up Patterns



abcLearning the Alphabet

Help your child learn to read and write the alphabet with songs, videos and games.

Alphabet Songs Read and Write the Alphabet
Letter Sounds (Phonics)  

Letter A Letter B Letter C Letter D
Letter E Letter F Letter G Letter H
Letter I Letter J Letter K Letter L
Letter M Letter N Letter O Letter P
Letter Q Letter R Letter S Letter T
Letter U Letter V Letter W Letter X
Letter Y Letter Z    


writing alphabets Writing the Alphabet

Teach the kids how to write or print the alphabet.

A, B, C, D E , F, G, H I, J, K, L M, N, O, P
Q, R, S, T U, V, W, X Y, Z  

nursery rhymeNursery Rhymes and Songs

Nursery Rhymes and Songs for the kids to enjoy and learn.

Doctor Foster Old Mother Hubbard Baa Baa Black Sheep
Humpty Dumpty I'm A Little Teapot Hey Diddle Diddle
Jack And Jill London Bridge Is Falling Down Old MacDonald
The Wheels on the Bus Row Row Row Your Boat This Old Man
Nursery Rhymes 1 Nursery Rhymes 2 Nursery Rhymes 3


storiesLearn-to-Read Stories for Pre-K Kids

Help your child or student to listen and read familiar and new stories

Chicken Little Cinderella Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Little Red Riding Hood Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs The Owl and The Pussycat
The Three Little Pigs The Elves and The Shoemaker Albert and the Lion

Woof Squeak Meow (learn about animals)
Letters, Letters, Letters
Jack and the Green Sock (learn about colors)
Sweeping Beauty

The 10 little Pigs (learn about numbers)
Little Red Writing Hood (learn about alphabet)
Rhyme Time Song
The Princess and the Bee
Two Duck Feet


Above and Below Big and Small First and Last
Happy and Sad Heavy and Light High and Low
Hot and Cold In and Out Inside and Outside
Light and Dark Long and Short Loud and Soft
Near and Far Open and Close Over and Under
Up and Down Wet and Dry Opposites


Fun Games

Money Games Games to learn about money in a fun way. Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Cartoons, Disney Movie Characters
Sudoku for Kids Use pictures instead of numbers Mickey Games Mickey Adventure Games, Mickey Cooking Games, Sort My Tiles Mickey Games, Mickey Puzzles, Mickey Coloring Games, Minnie, Donald, Disney Games
Cinderella and Snow White Games Sort My Tiles Cinderella and Snow White Games, Cinderella Puzzles, Cinderella Dress Up Games, Cinderella Adventure Games, Snow White Puzzles, Snow White Dress Up Games, Alice in Wonderland  

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