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Demonstrative Adjectives


In these lessons, we will learn demonstrative adjectives and how to distinguish them from demonstrative pronouns.

The words this, these, that, those, and what are demonstrative adjectives. We use them to tell our listeners which thing or person we mean.

We use this and that before singular nouns and we use these and those before plural nouns.

This and these are used to indicate that the items are fairly close at hand, while that and those tend to indicate that the items that are further away.











This apartment needs to be painted.. (this is a demonstrative adjective to indicate which apartment)
He lives in this house

How much is that bag?
Bring me that book.

Would yo like these oranges?
I am keeping these pencils.

I am selling those books.
Please give me those clothes.

What are demonstrative adjectives and how do we use them?

Difference between Demonstrative Pronouns and Demonstrative Adjectives

Be careful to differentiate between a demonstative pronoun and demonstrative adjective.

A demonstrative pronoun stands alone whereas a demonstrative adjective describes a noun.


That is good. (that is a demonstrative pronoun)

That soup is good. (that is a demonstrative adjective because it describes the soup)

Demonstrative Pronouns in English.

How to recognize demonstrative pronouns and avoid adjective confusion.


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