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Video, stories and songs to help Grade 3 students learn about adjectives.

What are Adjectives?
Song for Kids
Adjectives are words that describe another person or thing, they describe a noun or a pronoun.
Adjectives answer the question what kind and how many?
Learn that adjectives describe nouns in this song about adjectives. Sing along as we give examples of adjectives for a person, a place and a thing. We highlight the adjective in each example and show that an adjective helps describe and tells you more information about a noun. Adjectives make your reading and writing more exciting by using descriptive and colorful words to describe nouns.

Adjective Song with lyrics from Grammaropolis - “Paint the Way”

I love Spring!
It’s so bright and lively!
The only seasons I love as much are Summer, Fall, and Winter.
Life is so wonderful being an adjective.
Look at those nouns having a picnic.
Let’s describe them.

Verse 1

Tina’s kind.
Reggie’s sweet.
Cake’s delish!
Skunks are odiferous!

Nancy’s divine.
Nelson’s neat.
Trees are tall.
I am small
But vociferous!

If her dress is quite ugly, but you know she tries
Use the art of the adjective to get you by
Say: “Your dress is so… interesting.”


She replies – You’re so WISE!

What a guy!

Chorus 1

The adjective will fill my palette plenty.
Which one? What kind? How much? Describe how many!
The words you think,
The thoughts you say,
Should never let your day go gray.
The world of words will help you paint the way.

Verse 2

But it isn’t just nouns.
There are pronouns I’ve found
Who need adjectives.
They take the place of a noun,
And then they come around
Where the magic lives.

Like that flower!
It’s gorgeous.

Your Grandma!
She’s wise.

Hey Skunk!
You are putrid
And make stinky skies!

Yes Pronouns live like Nouns
But… in disguise!
So let’s modify and describe!

Chorus 2

The adjective will fill my palette plenty.
Which one? What kind? How much? Describe how many!
The words you think
The thoughts you say
Should never let your day go gray.
The world of words will help you paint the way.

What are Adjectives?

Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar - Unpack Your Adjectives Music Video and lyrics
Got home from camping last spring.
Saw people, places and things.
We barely had arrived, 
Friends asked us to describe
The people, places and every last thing.
So we unpacked our adjectives.

I unpacked “frustrating” first.
Reached in and found the word “worst”.
Then I picked “soggy” and
Next I picked “foggy” and
Then I was ready to tell them my tale.
‘Cause I’d unpacked my adjectives.

Adjectives are words you use to really describe things,
Handy words to carry around.
Days are sunny or they’re rainy
Boys are dumb or else they’re brainy
Adjectives can show you which way.

Adjectives are often used to help us compare things,
To say how thin, how fat, how short, how tall.
Girls who are tall can get taller,
Boys who are small can get smaller,
Till one is the tallest
And the other’s the smallest of all.

We hiked along without care.
Then we ran into a bear.
He was a hairy bear,
He was a scary bear,
We beat a hasty retreat from his lair.
And described him with adjectives.

(Whoah! Boy, that was one big, ugly bear!)

(You can even make adjectives out of the other parts of speech, like
verbs or nouns. All you have to do is tack on an ending, like “ic”
or “ish” or “ary”. For example, this boy can grow up to be a huge
man, but still have a boyish face. “Boy” is a noun, but the ending
“ish” makes it an adjective. “Boyish”: that describes the huge
man’s face. Get it?)

Next time you go on a trip,
Remember this little tip:
The minute you get back,
They’ll ask you this and that,
You can describe people, places and things…
Simply unpack your adjectives.
You can do it with adjectives.
Tell them ‘bout it with adjectives.
You can shout it with adjectives.

Music & Lyrics: George R. Newall
Sung by: Blossom Dearie

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