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Printable place value worksheets for 1st Grade:
Ten and Ones (eg. 17 = __ ten and __ ones)
Count Tens & Ones (with pictures)
Count Tens & Ones (with place value charts)
Tens and Ones (eg. 73 = __ tens and __ ones)

Add Tens & Ones (with pictures)
Add Tens & Ones (eg. 60 + 4 = )
1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less

Ten and Ones Worksheets

Explaining “1 ten” to first-graders involves introducing the concept of place value and helping them understand that numbers are composed of units (ones) and groups of ten. Here’s an explanation suitable for first-grade students:

  1. Concept of Place Value:
    In our number system, each digit’s position in a number has a specific value.
    The rightmost digit represents ones (units), and the digit to its left represents tens.
  2. Explanation:
    When we say “1 ten,” we mean one group of ten.
    Imagine you have a set of ten objects, like ten blocks or ten apples. That set of ten is called “1 ten.”
  3. Example:
    In the number 14, the digit 1 is in the tens place. So, there is “1 ten” in 24, and the digit 4 represents the number of ones.

In summary, for first-graders, “1 ten” is an introduction to the concept of place value, emphasizing the presence of one group of ten within a number. Making it tangible and using visual aids will help students build a foundation for understanding larger numbers and place value as they progress in their mathematical learning.

Have a look at this video if you need to review what is ten and ones.

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Ten and Ones for First Grade

More Ten and Ones Worksheets

(Answers on the second page)
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Ten and Ones Lesson

Addition Facts to 20 (eg. 12 + 5)
Add 10 to a 2-digit number (eg. 10 + 24)
Add Whole Tens (eg. 50 + 60)
Add Tens to a 2-digit number (eg. 60 + 34)

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