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Math Statistics: Mode, Median, Mean and Range

Videos, lessons, examples, and solutions covering Mode, Median, Mean and Range.

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In statistics, mode, median, mean and range are typical values to represent a pool of numerical observations. They are calculated from the pool of observations.

Mode is the most common value among the given observations. For example, a person who sells ice creams might want to know which flavor is the most popular.

Median is the middle value, dividing the number of data into 2 halves. In other words, 50% of the observations is below the median and 50% of the observations is above the median.

Mean is the average of all the values. For example, a teacher may want to know the average marks of a test in his class.

Range tells how far apart the greatest and least numbers in a set are. It is the difference between the largest and smallest numbers.


The range of a set of numbers is the difference between the least number and the greatest number in the set.


Find the range:

a) 150, 250, 825, 400, 18, 500

b) 2.2, 1.8, 5.1, 0.3


a) The largest value is 825. The smallest value is 18

Range = largest value − smallest value = 825 − 18 = 807

b) The largest value is 5.1. The smallest value is 0.3

Range = largest value − smallest value = 5.1 − 0.3 = 4.8

Finding the range and mid-range
The range is the difference between the largest and smallest numbers. The midrange is the average of the largest and smallest number. Practice with this problem.

Statistics - Mean, Median, Mode and Range
These are ways to measure the Central Tendency

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