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Free Online Worksheet to help students practice how to solve metric length word problems that involves adding and subtracting metric lengths.

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  • I know how to solve metric length word problems by adding and subtracting metric lengths.

    How to add or subtract metric lengths?
    To add or subtract metric lengths, you simply need to convert the lengths into the same unit of measurement and then perform the operation.

    For example, let’s say you want to add 2 m 50 cm and 1 m 75 cm. You can convert both lengths to cm, which is a smaller unit of measurement:

    2 m 50 cm = 250 cm (1 m = 100 cm) 1 m 75 cm = 175 centimeters Now that both lengths are in centimeters, you can add them together:

    250 cm + 175 cm = 425 cm So the sum is 425 cm or 4 m 25 cm.

    To subtract metric lengths, you follow the same process. For example, let’s say you want to subtract 1 m 50 cm from 2 m:

    2 m = 200 cm 1 m 50 cm meters = 150 cm Now that both lengths are in centimeters, you can subtract them:

    200 cm - 150 cm = 50 cm So the difference is 50 cm.

    Have a look at this video if you need to learn how to add or subtract metric lengths.

    Printable Worksheet
    (Answers on the second page.)
    Metric Length Word Problems Worksheet

    Online Worksheet

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or if you make a mistake.
1. The length of Carter’s driveway is 12 m 38 cm. His neighbor’s driveway is 4 m 99 cm longer. How long is the neighbor’s driveway?
m cm

2. Enya walked 2 km 309 m from school to the store. Then she walked from the store to her home. If she walked a total of 5 km, how far was it from the store to her home?
km m

3. Rachael has a rope 5 m 32 cm long that she cut into two pieces. One piece is 249 cm long. How many long is the other piece of rope?
m cm

4. Jason rode his bike 529 fewer meters than Allison. Jason rode 1 km 850 m. How far did Allison ride?
km m

5. Gabe built a toy tower that measured 1 m 78 cm. After building some more, he measured it, and it was 82 cm taller. How tall is his tower now?
m cm

6. The length of Celia’s garden is 15 m 24 cm. The length of her friend’s garden is 2 m 98 cm more than Celia’s. What is the length of her friend’s garden?
m cm

7. Sylvia ran 3 km 290 m in the morning. Then she ran some more in the evening. If she ran a total of 10 km, how far did she run in the evening?
km m

8. Jenny’s sprinting distance was 356 meters shorter than Tyler’s. Tyler sprinted a distance of 1 km 3 m. How many meters did Jenny sprint?

9. The electrician had 7 m 23 cm of electrical wire. He used 551 cm for one wiring project. How many centimeters of wire did he have left?

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