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Our directory of Free Fraction Math Games and Factor Math Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen your factor and fraction math skills and concepts while having fun.

We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.
We have Factor games, Greatest common factor games, Least common multiple games and Fraction games.

Free Factor Games Online
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Factor Math Games

Multiplication StationClick on the squares to multiply the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "number" Although it is called multiplication Station, you are essentially looking for the factors of the number. Factor BonesThe pups are hungry and have ordered bones from the store. But which bone did each pup order? Their bone is numbered and they are holding one of the factors of the number on the bone.
Factor Game The game involves a board with the numbers 1 - 30 listed on a five by six grid. Players take turns choosing a number. The first player picks a number and the other player selects all the factors of that number that are not circled on the board. The Factor Game Find the proper factors and win. Test your skills against a human or the computer.
Math Speed Racing Factors Keep on racing by keeping your race car fueled up and avoiding other cars. Fuel up by getting the fuel that has a factor of the your car's number. Game over if you run out of fuel or run into another racer. As you play longer the numbers to factor get larger! Factors & Multiples Find the prime factorization, factors and multiples. Score points and see who wins.
Mathpup Hook FactorsUse the hook and bumpers to swing or bounce MathPup to the factor of the target number while avoiding the non-factor number. Side by Side Factors You are given a list of seven numbers in a row, and you must rearrange the numbers in such a way that all adjacent numbers are relatively prime.
Mathpup Draw FactorsDraw a path for MathPup so you can guide him to the correct Factor Bones. See if you can complete all 20 levels or just replay levels if you just want to practice factoring. Cannon Math FactorsShoot all of the factors of the target number with one shot by strategically placing angled walls. You'll need to angle the walls just right so that the cannon shot hits all of the factors without hitting any non-factors.
Mathpup Treasure HuntEliminate all enemy tanks by targeting their locations. Choose to play against the computer or another person. You can play by just using multiplication but to really excel you'll need to know factor pairs of numbers. Number Crunch FactorsDetermine if the statement about factors is true or false.
Math MatrixMathPup is geared up in scuba gear and looking for treasure. Choose the skill to practice and guide MathPup to the correct treasure chests. And watch out for sharks. Choose the math skill to practice: counting numbers, number order, finding factors or finding prime composite numbers. Mathpup Drive FactorsMathPup has to choose the correct tollgate based on if it is a factor of the target number or not. Help MathPup choose the correct tollgates to reach the end of each level.
Math Tank FactorsDrive your tank safely through the minefield by finding factors of a given number. Mines that contain numbers that are factors are safe to go over while mines with numbers that aren't factors will disable your tank. Jackie Boy FactorsHelp Jackie Boy on his factor gathering walkabout. You'll need to guide him to factors of the target number while avoiding non-factors.

GCF Games

Fruit SplatShoot the fruit that is the greatest common factor. Sketch's World! - Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Find the greatest common factor.
Greatest Common Factor Find the greatest common factor. GCF Find the greatest common factor.
Greatest Common Factor Quiz9 multiple choice questions. Greatest common factor memory gameTry to find the matching pair.

LCM Games

Fruit Splat (LCM) Shoot the fruit that is the least common multiple. Least Common Multiple Find the least common multiple
Snowball FightFind the LCM to be part of the Polar Snowball Fight. Least Common MultipleFind the LCM.
Least Common MultiplePractice finding the least common multiple between two numbers. Least Common Multiple OnlineFind the LCM of the number pair.

GCF & LCM Games

Multiples and FactorsFind the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) or the Highest Common Factor (HCF) GCF & LCM Quiz10 questions. Tou can select from prime numbers, prime factors, GCF, and LCM.
Factor Trees, GCF and LCM Find the prime factorization of numbers by completing factor trees. Then use a Venn diagram to find the greatest common factor and the least common multiple. Pyramid MathSelect which option to play: power, square root, LCM or GCF
GCF and LCM Word ProblemsSolve the LCM or GCF word problems. Math Problems with LCM & GCFCan you solve these problems related to Lowest Common Multiples and Greatest Common Factors?

Factors & Multiples Worksheets

Greatest Common Factor (GCF or HCF) Greatest Common Factor (GCF or HCF)
Least Common Multiple (LCM or LCD) Least Common Multiple (LCM or LCD)
Word Problems GCF or LCM

Fraction Math Games

Tony's Pizza Fraction Make pizzas and learn about fractions. Fresh Baked Fractions Match the equivalent fractions and get your name on the cook's list.
The Legend of the Golden Pizza - An Amazing Fractions Adventure This game reinforces skills involving fractions including equivalent fractions, fractions pictures, comparing fractions, and ordering fractions. Fraction of ShapesIdentify the fraction of each shape that is colored.
Fraction DolphinsFeed the dolphins by matching the fraction on the fish with its equivalent fraction on the dolphin. More Fraction Games

Fraction Worksheets

Writing Fractions in Words
Equivalent Fractions Comparing Fractions
Convert from improper fractions to mixed numbers Convert from mixed numbers to improper fractions
Greatest Common Factor Simplifying Fractions
Adding Fractions (with common denominator & no simplifying) Subtracting Fractions (with common denominator & no simplifying)
Adding & Subtracting Fractions (with common denominator & simplifying answers) Least Common Multiple or Least Common Denominator
Adding & Subtracting Fractions (with unlike denominators & step-by-step guide) Adding & Subtracting Fractions (with unlike denominators)
Adding Mixed Numbers Subtracting Mixed Numbers
Multiply Fractions with Fractions Multiply Fractions with Whole Numbers
Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions Divide Fractions by Whole Numbers
Divide Fractions by Fractions Divide Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Fraction Word Problems Adding & Subtracting Fractions Fraction Word Problems Adding & Subtracting Mixed Numbers (One-Step)
Fraction Word Problems Adding & Subtracting Mixed Numbers (Two-Step) Fraction Word Problems Adding & Subtracting Mixed Numbers (Two-Step)

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