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Daily Dose of English - Page 12

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This is page twelve of the series of video lessons, "Daily Dose of English".


Here is one of the cleanest Daily Doses of English I've made yet. It looks at soap and gives you a few useful expressions that use soap. It also tells you how the minimal pair, soap and soup, can cause a lot of confusion to students.


There are some words in English that have strong and weak forms. This means that they are pronounced differently depending on how they are used in a sentence. This difference in pronunciation forms the basis of many English jokes. Here is one such joke to help you with your pronunciation


Why do words like bath, grass, laugh and pass have different pronunciations? Its all down to the North-South divide in the UK and the changes that have been taking place over the past 400+ years in the language of the southern UK. This Daily Dose of English will tell you all you need to know.


Today's Daily Dose of English shows you how to survive a bear attack using nothing more than a pair of trainers

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