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This is page eleven of the series of video lessons, “Daily Dose of English”.

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Do you worry that your English is not good enough? Do you worry about things you know you cannot change? If your are a worrier, this Daily Dose of English will help you both with your English and with your worries


A Daily Dose of English answering the question, “What is light?” Feathers are light, but I’m talking about the stuff that turns night into day. I shed light on the answer quickly and succinctly here. You should also notice a vast improvement in lighting in this video, along with sound.


Prefixes and suffixes (those little bits we add to the beginning or end of words) play a very important role in English. Learn these suffixes and prefixes and you can dramatically increase your vocabulary. The Daily Dose of English looks at the rather informal suffix, -ish, which is a great way to approximate.


A new Daily Dose of English using my new HD camera. I thought I would try it out and make a lesson about vocabulary that uses camera and other words associated with it.

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