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This is page fourteen of the series of video lessons, “Daily Dose of English”.

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I hope you give this Daily Dose of English a thumbs up. It’s all the expressions I could think of that use the word thumb. If you can think of more, please put them in the comments.


Do you know what your philtrum is? I thought not. That’s why I created this Daily Dose of English. It will not only tell you where your philtrum is, but also where your zygoma and your cheeks are, where your pinna is, and why you have a bridge and corners on your face.

So Very Much

How do we use so and much with very? This Daily Dose of English sets out to answer the question. I very much hope you will enjoy it

Model Numbers

Model numbers are everywhere. On everything we buy. If we need to quote a model number, we need to do it properly. These are my ideas about how best we can do this.

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