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Printable Addition Strategy Worksheets for 1st Grade:
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Counting On with Missing Addend
Adding Doubles (eg. 3 + 3)
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Make 10 strategy, addend is 9 (eg. 9 + 6)
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Counting-On Missing Addend Worksheets

How to use the Counting On Strategy to find Missing Addend?

Counting-on can also be applied to find a missing addend in an addition problem.

  1. Understand the Concept:
    Explain to students that counting-on can be used to find a missing addend by starting with one of the numbers and counting forward to the sum.
  2. Identify the Known Addend and Sum:
    Given an addition problem with a missing addend, identify the known addend and the sum. For example, in
    6 + __ = 9, 6 is the known addend, and 9 is the sum.
  3. Start with the Known Addend:
    Start counting on from the known addend. In the example, start with 6.
  4. Count On to the Sum:
    Continue counting forward until you reach the sum. In the example, count on from 6: 7, 8, 9. So, the missing addend is 3.

Using counting on to find a missing addend is a practical application of this mental math strategy. It reinforces number sense and helps students develop a deeper understanding of addition concepts. Regular practice with such problems will strengthen their ability to use counting on efficiently.

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Counting On Missing Addend worksheet for first grade

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Count on to add.

(These worksheets are printable files with answers on the second page.)
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