Centre Of Circles And Chords

These lessons cover the various theorems involving centre and chords of a circle, suitable for A Level Maths.

  • Circles, Chords, Radius & Diameter
  • How to find centre of a circle
  • Chord Properties

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Circles - Chords, Radius & Diameter.
Introduction into circles as relates to chords, the radius of a circle as well as its diameter.

If a radius bisects a chord, it is always perpendicular to that chord.
If two chords are equidistant from the center of a circle, the two chords are congruent. Practice problems on congruent chords.
How to calculate the radius of a circle given the distance of a chord from the center of a circle as well as the length of the chord.
How to calculate the radius of a circle if a rectangle is inscribed inside of it.

Construction to find centre of circle
How to use a straight edge and compasses to find the centre of a circle? Construct the center of circle

Chord Properties (Circle Geometry) Equal chords are equdistant from the center

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