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Add Like Fractions
Add Unlike Fractions
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Subtract Unlike Fractions
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How to add like fractions?

Free printable and online worksheets to help Grade 5 students practice adding like fractions or fractions with the same denominators.

There are three printable worksheets. The first will introduce adding like fractions with sums not more than one and reducing is not required. The second will have sums not more than one and reducing may be necessary. The third may have sums that are more than one and will require converting to mixed numbers.

There are also some online worksheets and word problems for further practice.

To add like fractions, which are fractions with the same denominator, you can follow these steps:
Step 1: Make sure the fractions have the same denominator. If the denominators are different then check here to see how to make the denominators the same.
Step 2: Add the numerators of the fractions together. Keep the denominator unchanged.
Step 3: Simplify the fraction, if necessary. Check here if you need to review how to simplify fractions.

Here’s an example:
Fraction 1: 3/5
Fraction 2: 1/5
Step 1: The fractions already have the same denominator, which is 5.
Step 2: Add the numerators: 3 + 1 = 4
The sum of the numerators is 4.
Step 3: Keep the denominator unchanged, which is 5.
So, the sum of the fractions is 4/5.

add like fractions

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to add fractions.

Click on the following worksheet to get a printable pdf document.
Scroll down the page for more Add Like Fractions Worksheets.

Add Like Fractions Worksheet

More Add Like Fractions Worksheets

(Answers on the second page.)
Add Like Fractions Worksheet #1 (sums ≤ 1)
Add Like Fractions Worksheet #2 (sums ≤ 1, simplify)
Add Like Fractions Worksheet #3 (sums can be mixed numbers)

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Add/Subtract Unlike Fractions

Adding Mixed Numbers

Add Like Fractions Word Problems

  1. Tim has 2/8 of a pizza left, and his friend Lisa has 5/8 of a pizza left. How much pizza do they have altogether?

  2. A recipe requires 3/5 cup of milk and 4/5 cup of sugar. How much liquid do you need to measure altogether?

  3. Emma and Ryan are painting a room together. Emma has already painted 3/8 of the room, and Ryan has painted 1/8 of the room. What fraction of the room have they painted together?

  4. Jessica has a garden with 1/8 of it planted with roses, and Sarah has a garden with 5/8 of it planted with roses. If they combine their gardens, what fraction of the combined garden will be planted with roses?

  5. A fruit salad recipe calls for 3/4 cup of strawberries, 1/4 cup of blueberries, and 3/4 cup of raspberries. What is the total amount of fruit in the salad?

Lesson on Adding Like Fractions

More Printable Worksheets

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