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Vector Magnitude


In these lessons, we will learn how to find the magnitude of 2-dimensional vectors and 3-dimensional vectors.

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The length of a vector is called the magnitude or modulus of the vector.


Express each of the following vectors as a column vector and find its magnitude.

Vectors in 2D

Adding vectors geometrically, scalar multiplication, how to find the magnitude and direction angle of a vector.
A vector with initial point at the origin and terminal point at (a, b) is written <a, b>.
Geometrically, a vector is a directed line segment, while algebraically it is an ordered pair.
Vectors : magnitude of a vector in 2D.

Vectors in 3D

A vector can also be 3-dimensional.
The following video gives the formula, and some examples of finding the magnitude, or length, of a 3-dimensional vector.
Vectors : Magnitude of a vector 3D.


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