Types of Polygons

These lessons, with videos, examples and solutions, help Grade 3 students to learn about the types of polygons: Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, Decagon.

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A polygon is a closed plane (2-D) figure having three or more straight sides that intersect only at the vertices. Polygons have the same number of sides as vertices. Polygons are identified by their number of sides.

A regular polygon has equal sides and equal angles. An irregular polygon is a polygon whose sides are not all the same length. A circle is not a polygon because it does not have straight line segments.

The following table gives the names of some polygons and examples of regular polygons and irregular polygons. Scroll down the page for more examples, songs and explanations about polygons.

types of polygons

Polygon Song by Peter Weatherall

I am a parallelogram song by Peter Weatherall

Learn the definition of polygon - a very important shape in geometry
When a polygon has a small number of sides, there is a word you use instead of “polygon”.
We teach you the names of polygons with 3 to 10 sides.

In this catchy song, learn to identify polygons: from triangles to decagons

Names of Basic Shapes

Naming Polygons
Math Lesson about different types of polygons. Some polygons include triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon.

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