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Define Trapezoids based on Attributes

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Videos, examples, solutions, and lessons to help grade 5 students learn how to draw trapezoids to clarify their attributes, and define trapezoids based on those attributes.

New York State Common Core Math Module 5, Grade 5, Lesson 16

Lesson 16 Concept Development

Problem 1
a. Sort polygons by the number of sides.
b. Sort quadrilaterals into trapezoids and non-trapezoids.

Problem 2
a. Draw a trapezoid according to the definition of a trapezoid.
b. Measure and label its angles to explore their relationships.

A trapezoid: • Is a quadrilateral in which at least one pair of opposite sides is parallel.

Lesson 16 Homework

1. Use a straightedge and the grid paper to draw a trapezoid with exactly 2 right angles.

2. Kaplan incorrectly sorted some quadrilaterals into trapezoids and non-trapezoids as pictured below.
a. Circle the shapes that are in the wrong group and tell why they are missorted.
b. Explain what tools would be necessary to use to verify the placement of all the trapezoids.

3. Use a straightedge to draw an isosceles trapezoid on the grid paper.

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