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Scalar Multiplication of Vectors

Videos and lessons to help High School students learn how to represent scalar multiplication graphically by scaling vectors and possibly reversing their direction; perform scalar multiplication component-wise, e.g., as c(vxvy) = (cvxcvy).

Suggested Learning Targets

  • I can multiply a vector by a scalar graphically.
  • I can multiply a vector by a scalar component-wise.

Common Core: HSN-VM.B.5

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Multiplying a Vector by a Scalar
This video shows how to multiply a vector by a scalar including some algebraic properties of scalar multiplication. The lesson also discusses briefly the concept of a linear combination of vectors and shows an example of drawing a gemetric sum/difference of 3 vectors.

Vector Addition and Scalar Multiplication, Example 1
In this video, we look at vector addition and scalar multiplication algebraically using the component form of the vector.

Vector Addition and Scalar Multiplication, Example 2
In this video we add two vectors in component form and also sketch the vectors to illustrate how to add vectors graphically.

Addition & Scalar Multiplication on Vectors.

Vectors, Addition, Subtraction and Scalar Multiplication.

Multiplying a Vector by a Scalar
This lesson presents the properties of multiplication of a vector by a scalar. You will also learn what collinear vectors represent and how to verify that two vectors are collinear or parallel.

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