Parts of a Circle

These lessons, with videos, examples and solutions help Grade 6 students learn the parts of a circle: radius, chord, diameter, secant, tangent.

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Parts of a Circle parts of a circle

  • The circumference (or perimeter) of a circle is made of many points that are all the same distance (equidistant) from the centre of the circle.
  • An arc is part of the circumference of a circle.
  • The diameter cuts the circle exactly in half and goes through the centre.
  • The radius is half the length of the diameter and is joined to the centre at one end.
  • A chord is a straight line inside the circle that touches the circumference at 2 points but does not touch the centre of a circle.
  • A tangent is a straight line outside the circle that touches the circumference at one point only.
  • A segment is the area enclosed by a chord and an arc.
  • A sector is the area enclosed by 2 radii (radius) and an arc.

Parts of a Circle
Explains the parts of a circle, including center point, radius, chord, diameter, central angle, arc, and sector.

Parts of a circle and the circumference
Parts of a circle: radius, diameter, chord, arc, major sector, minor sector, major segment, minor segment, concentric circles, semicircle, quadrant. The circumference of a circle. 2 × pi × r

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