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Define Parallelograms based on Attributes

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Videos, examples, solutions, and lessons to help grade 5 students learn how to draw parallelograms to clarify their attributes, and define parallelograms based on those attributes.

New York State Common Core Math Module 5, Grade 5, Lesson 17

Lesson 17 Concept Development

a. Draw a parallelogram and articulate the definition.
b. Measure and label its angles to explore their relationships.
c. Fold and measure to explore diagonals of parallelograms.

A quadrilateral:
• Consists of four different points A, B, C, D in the plane and four segments, AB, BC, CD, DA.
• Is arranged so that the segments intersect only at their endpoints, and
• Has no two adjacent segments that are collinear.

Lesson 17 Homework

1. ∠A measures 60°. Extend the rays of ∠A and draw parallelogram ABCD on the grid paper.
a. What are the measures of ∠B, ∠C, and ∠D?
2. WXYZ is a parallelogram not drawn to scale.
a. Using what you know about parallelograms, give the measure of sides XY and YZ.
b. ∠WXY = 113°. Use what you know about angles in a parallelogram to find the measure of the other angles.
3. Jack measured some segments in Problem 2. He found that WY = 4 cm and MZ = 3 cm.
Give the lengths of the following segments:
4. Using the properties of the shapes, explain why all parallelograms are trapezoids.
5. Teresa says that because the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other, if one diagonal is 4.2 cm, the other diagonal must be half that length. Use words and pictures to explain Teresa’s error.

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