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Multiply - Area Model & Standard Algorithm

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Examples, solutions, videos and lessons to help Grade 5 students learn how to connect visual models and the distributive property to partial products of the standard algorithm without renaming.

Common Core Standards: 5.OA.1, 5.OA.2, 5.NBT.5

New York State Common Core Math Grade 5, Module 2, Lesson 5
Worksheets for Grade 5, Module 2, Lesson 5

The following figures give an example to compare multiplication using the area model and the standard algorithm. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions.

Multiplication Area Model

Lesson 5 Concept Development
Problem 1: Represent units using first the tape diagram, then the area model.
21 × 5
Problem 2: Products of two-digit and two-digit numbers, the area model and standard algorithm.
23 × 31
Problem 3: Products of two-digit and three-digit numbers.
343 × 21
231 × 32 Lesson 5 Problem Set
1. Draw an area model and then solve using the standard algorithm. Use arrows to match the partial products from the area model to the partial products of the algorithm.
a. 34 × 21
b. 434 × 21

Lesson 5 Problem Set
3. Betty saves $161 a month. She saved $141 less each month than Jack. How much will Jack save in 2 years?
4. Farmer Brown feeds 12.1 kg of alfalfa to each of his 2 horses daily. How many kilograms of alfalfa will all his horses have eaten after 21 days? Draw an area model to solve. Lesson 5 Homework

This video demonstrates how to create an area model in order to visualize and solve double digit multiplication problems.

1. Draw an area model then solve using the standard algorithm. Use arrows to match the partial products from the area model to the partial products in the algorithm.
a. 24 × 21 = ________________
3. A young snake measures 0.23 m long. During the course of his lifetime, he will grow to be 13 times his current length. What will his length be when he’s full grown? 4. Zenin earns $142 per shift at his new job. During a pay period, he works 12 shifts. What would his pay be for that period?

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