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Printable Multiplication Worksheets for 3rd Grade:
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Multiplication Array Worksheets

Free math worksheets to help students relate multiplication to the array model.
Learn how to write a multiplication fact or multiplication statement to describe a given array.

What is a multiplication array?
An array is a group of objects arranged in rows and columns. We can use a multiplication fact or multiplication statement to describe the array. We can also represent the multiplication fact using a multiplication array.

Relating multiplication to the array model is a powerful visual representation that helps students understand the concept of multiplication as repeated addition and as the combination of equal groups.

  1. An array is an arrangement of objects or numbers in rows and columns.
  2. Rows go horizontally, and columns go vertically.
  3. An array can represent equal groups. For example, if you have 4 rows of 3 apples each, that forms an array representing 4 groups of 3.
  4. There is a corresponding multiplication expression for the array. In the example above, the multiplication expression is 4 × 3.
  5. The multiplication expression can be read as “4 rows of 3” or “4 times 3.”
  6. The array model is also related to the concept of repeated addition. In the example, 4 × 3 is equivalent to 3 + 3 + 3 + 3.

By consistently using the array model, students develop a visual and conceptual understanding of multiplication, making it easier for them to transition to more abstract representations. The array model provides a tangible and intuitive way to grasp the concept of equal groups and multiplication.

Have a look at this video if you need to learn how to represent multiplication using arrays.

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Multiplication Array Worksheet

More Multiplication Array Worksheets

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Multiplication Array Worksheet #1
Multiplication Array Worksheet #2

Word Problems

  1. Emma collects rocks. She arranges them in 4 rows of 3. Draw Emma’s array to show how many rocks she has altogether. Then write a multiplication sentence to describe the array.
  2. Joshua helps his father organize cans of food in the cupboard. He makes an array with the cans and thinks, “My cans show 5 × 3!” Make a drawing that shows how many cans are in Joshua’s array.
  3. Judy collects seashells. She arranges them in 3 rows of 6. Draw Judy’s array to show how many seashells she has all together. Then write a multiplication sentence to describe the array.
  4. Roger has a collection of stamps. He arranges the stamps into 5 rows of 4. Draw an array to represent Roger’s stamps. Then write a multiplication sentence to describe the array.
  5. Kimberly arranges her 18 markers in an array. Draw an array that Kimberly might make. Then write a multiplication sentence to match your array.

Multiplication Array Lesson

More Printable Worksheets

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