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Vocabulary of Geometry

Videos and solutions to help grade 5 students learn how to solidify the vocabulary of geometry.

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New York State Common Core Math Grade 5, Module 6, Lesson 29

Lesson 29 Homework

1. Use your ruler, protractor, and set square to help you give as many names as possible for each figure below. Then, explain your reasoning for how you named each figure.

2. Mark draws a figure that has the following characteristics:
˙ Exactly 4 sides that are each 7 centimeters long
˙ Two sets of parallel lines
˙ Exactly 4 angles that measure 35 degrees, 145 degrees, 35 degrees, and 145 degrees

a. Draw and label Mark’s figure below.

b. Give as many names of quadrilaterals as possible for Mark’s figure. Explain your reasoning for the names of Mark’s figure.

c. List the names of Mark’s figure in Problem 2(b) in order from least specific to most specific. Explain your thinking.

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