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Geometry Math Problems - Perimeters

Geometry word problems involves geometric figures and angles described in words. You would need to be familiar with the formulas in geometry.

Making a sketch of the geometric figure is often helpful.

In this lesson, we will learn geometry math problems that involves perimeter.

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Geometry Word Problems Involving Perimeter

Example :

A triangle has a perimeter of 50. If 2 of its sides are equal and the third side is 5 more than the equal sides, what is the length of the third side?


Step 1: Assign variables:

Let x = length of the equal side
Sketch the figure


Step 2: Write out the formula for perimeter of triangle.

P = sum of the three sides

Step 3: Plug in the values from the question and from the sketch.

50 = x + x + x+ 5

Combine like terms
50 = 3x + 5

Isolate variable x
3x = 50 – 5
3x = 45
x =15

Be careful! The question requires the length of the third side.

The length of third side = 15 + 5 =20

Answer: The length of third side is 20

Geometry Math Problem involving the perimeter of a rectangle

The following two videos give the perimeter of a rectangle, a relationship between the length and width of the rectangle, and use that information to find the exact value of the length and width.

A rectangular garden is 2.5 times as long as it is wide. It has a perimeter of 168 ft. How long and wide is the garden? Example:
A rectangular landing strip for an airplane has perimeter 8000 ft. If the length is 10 ft longer than 35 times the width, what is the length and width?
Examples of perimeter geometry word problems
This video shows how to write an equation and find the dimensions of a rectangle knowing the perimeter and some information about the about the length and width.
The width of a rectangle is 3 ft less than its length. The perimeter of the rectangle is 110 ft. Find the dimensions. Perimeter Word Problems
The length of a rectangle is 7 cm more than 4 times its width. Its perimeter is 124 cm. Find its dimensions.

Geometry Math Problem involving the perimeter of a triangle

The following two videos give the perimeter of a triangle, a relationship between the sides of the triangle, and use that information to find the exact value or values of the required side or sides.
Patrick's bike ride follows a triangular path; two legs are equal, the third is 8 miles longer than the other legs. If Patrick rides 30 miles total, what is the length of the longest leg? Example:
The perimeter of a triangle is 56 cm. The first side is 6 cm shorter than the second side. The third side is 2 cm shorter than twice the length of the first side. What is the length of each side?

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