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GED Practice Test 2021

The following video show step-by-step solutions for the GED Practice Test 2021.

  1. A painter rented a wallpaper steamer at 9 a.m. and returned it at 4 p.m. He paid a total of $28.84. What was the rental cost per hour?
  2. What is the value of 36x - 8y2 when x = 3 and y = -6?
  3. Annie is planning a business meeting for her company. She has a budget of $1,325 for renting a meeting room at a local hotel and providing lunch. She expects 26 people to attend the meeting. The cost of renting the meeting room is $270. Which inequality shows how to find the amount, x, Annie can spend on lunch for each person?
  4. Dominic earns $285 per week plus an 8% commission rate on all his sales. If Dominic sells $4,213 worth of merchandise in one week, how much will his total earnings for the week be?
  5. A scientist is studying red maple tree growth in a state park. She measured the trunk diameters of a sample of trees in the same month every other year. The tables show the data for two of the trees. This is the final year in which she will collect data. When her data collection is complete, she will predict future red maple tree growth. a) The scientist plots the data for tree 2 on a coordinate grid. She begins by plotting data for year 3 and year 11. What are the locations of the two points on the coordinated grid? b) The scientist creates an equation that models her data for each tree so that she can predict the diameter in the future. Complete a linear equations that fits the data for tree 1, where x is the year and y is the trunk diameter, in inches. c) In year 13, the scientist will put tree wrap around tree 1 to protect it from the winter snow. The height of the tree wrap needs to be 45 inches. The wrap is priced by the square foot. To the nearest square foot, how many square feet of wrap does she need?
  6. The graph shows the level of ibuprofen, y units, in a patient’s bloodstream x hours after the ibuprofen was taken. The level of ibuprofen in the patient’s bloodstream increased from ____ hours to _____ hours.
  7. An office uses paper drinking cups in the shape of a cone, with dimensions as shown. To the nearest tenth of a cubic inch, what is the volume of each drinking cup?
  8. There are s steps from the pedestal to the head of the Statue of Liberty. The number of steps in the Washington Monument is 27 less than 6 times the number of steps in the Statue of Liberty. Which expression represents the number of steps in the Washington Monument in terms of s?

GED Math Test Prep

This video tutorial provides a GED math practice test. It contains 60 free response and multiple choice practice problems.

  1. Pythagorean Theorem - Perimeter of a Triangle
  2. Multiplying Two Binomials Using The Foil Method
  3. Adding Fractions
  4. Order of Operations - PEMDAS
  5. Finding The Diameter of a Circle Given Its Area
  6. Subtracting Polynomials
  7. Calculating The Surface Area of a Cylinder
  8. Multiplying Fractions
  9. Dividing Fractions
  10. Evaluating Functions
  11. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
  12. Solving Linear Equations With Parentheses
  13. Solving Equations Using The Square Root Function
  14. Solving Quadratic Equations By Factoring
  15. Factoring Polynomials
  16. The Quadratic Formula
  17. Dividing Trinomials By Binomials
  18. Long Division of Polynomials
  19. Exponents and Powers
  20. Multiplying Monomials
  21. Multiplication With Scientific Notation
  22. Scientific Notation - Division
  23. Adding Two Numbers In Scientific Notation
  24. Percentage Word Problem With Pie Charts
  25. Sales Tax Word Problem
  26. How To Determine The Original Price of the Item
  27. Percent Increase Word Problems
  28. Percent Increase Problem With Bar Graph
  29. Probability Word Problem With Marbles
  30. Fundamental Counting Principle
  31. Permutations
  32. Combinations
  33. Mean, Median, Mode, & Range Using Dot Plot - Statistics
  34. Box and Whisker Plots
  35. Simple Interest Word Problem
  36. Plotting Points In The Coordinate Plane
  37. Finding The Slope and Y-intercept of a Line
  38. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  39. Writing Linear Equations Given The Slope and a Point
  40. Writing Linear Equations Given Two Points
  41. Translating Sentences Into Algebraic Expressions
  42. Sentences into Expressions - Product & Quotient
  43. Number Lines
  44. Rental Car Company Word Problem
  45. Interest Free Loan Word Problem
  46. Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination Method
  47. Finding The Point of Intersection of Two Lines
  48. System of Equations Word Problem With Apples & Bananas
  49. System of Equations Problem - Substitution
  50. Solving Formulas
  51. Ratio Word Problem
  52. Unit Conversion Word Problem
  53. Scale Map Word Problem
  54. Unit Conversion With Kg and lbs
  55. Area and Perimeter of Rectangles and Triangles
  56. Evaluating Functions - Multi-part Problem
  57. Finding The Area of a Regular Hexagon
  58. Functions, Tables, & Graphs
  59. Solving Linear Inequalities
  60. How To Calculate The Area of the Shaded Region

GED Math Word Problems

  1. Jason’s weekly salary was $746. Jason decides to work part-time instead, and now his weekly salary will be $535. By what percent did his salary decrease?
  2. Jake’s wife, Amy, earned $17 more than triple Jake’s pay last month. In total, Jake and Amy earned $3,112 last month. How much did Jake earn last month?
  3. Richard’s rectangular yard is 8 meters longer than it is wide. If the total length of the fence around his property is 116 meters, what is the width and length of the yard?
  4. Anne drives west at an average speed of 45 mph. Beth drives south at an average speed of 55 mph.After both women have driven for 2 hours, how far apart are they?
  5. In a high school math class, the class average on the last test was 79. The teacher gave 2 students an extra 3 points each, added to their test scores. This increased the class average to 80. How many students took the test?

Hard GED Math Word Problem Examples

  1. If the ratio of quarters to nickels in a jar is 4 to 1 and there are 23 nickels, how much money are the coins worth altogether?
  2. Three friends are playing a video game. Jane’s score is 10 points more than Arnold’s, but 6 points less than Sally’s. If Sally has 20 points, how many points does Arnold have?
  3. Bradley walks 25 yards south from his house to his friend’s house. He then walks 10 yards west to get to school. If tomorrow Bradley walks straight to school without stopping at his friend’s house, how far will his walk be in yards? Round your answer to the nearest whole number?
  4. Joe gets paid $425 a week at his job. Every week he gets $129 in taxes and $50 in insurance payments taken out of his paycheck. How much money does he keep each week?
  5. In Kingsport School, 40% of students are female. If the total number of students is 1250, then how many male students are attending the high school?

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