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GED Math Fundamentals

Practice using the GED Study Guide.

  1. Between which pair of decimals should 4/7 be placed on a number line?
  2. Susan and Daphne are participating in a walk-a-thon at the local community college track to raise money. Susan can walk around the track in 4 minutes. Daphne can walk around the track in 6 minutes. Susan and Daphne started walking at the same time. How many minutes will it be until they complete a lap at the same time?
  3. Simplify (29 × 35) × (24 × 3)2
  4. The points -4 and 5 are plotted on a number line. What is the distance, in units, between the two points?
  5. Simplify 12 + 15 ÷ 3 × 6 – 4
  6. Add 3√7 + √7
  7. Which expression is undefined in the set of real numbers?
  8. A store charges $6.96 for a case of mineral water
    Each case contains 2 boxes of mineral water.
    Each box contains 4 bottles of mineral water.
    What is the cost of each bottle of mineral water?
  9. A scale drawing of a house uses a scale of 0.5 inches = 2 feet. What is the length, in inches, of a line on the scale drawing that represents an actual length of 5 feet?
  10. The price of Veronica’s meal before tax and tip was $11.92. Veronica paid 8% tax, then added a 15% tip to the total. To the nearest cent, how much did Veronica pay for her meal?

GED Geometry, Graphs, Statistics, Counting Techniques & Probability

  1. A rectangle has an area of 54 square inches and a length of 6 inches. What is the with, in inches, of the rectangle?
  2. The Wilson family’s back yard is a rectangular plot that has a length of 100 feet and a width of 80 feet. The family planted a garden with a length and width of 60 feet. The family planted a lawn in the remaining area of the back yard as shown. What is the area, in square feet, of the lawn in Wilson family’s back yard?
  3. Greg installed a circular drain that has a diameter of 4.8 inches. To the nearest tenth of an inch, what is the circumference of the drain?
  4. The foundation of a building is in the shape of a rectangle with the length of 20 m and a width of 18 m. To the nearest meter, what is the distance from the top left corner of the foundation to the bottom right corner?
  5. A sphere has a radius of 7.5 cm. To the nearest cubic centimeter, what is the volume of the sphere?
  6. The line graph shows the monthly payroll at a large construction company. In which month did the monthly payroll decrease the most?
  7. The manager of an apartment complex orders the air conditioners in the apartment to be replaces. The list shows how many years each air conditioners had been in service.
    12.3, 13.7, 11.9, 12.3, 12.9, 11.8, 13.3, 13.6
    What is the median number of years that an air conditioner had been in service?
  8. A restaurant serves custom-made omelets, where guests select meat, cheese, and vegetables to be added to their omelet. There are 6 vegetables available, and guests may select and 2 vegetables for their omelet. How many different combinations of vegetables are possible?
  9. In a shipment of toys from a manufacturer, the probability that a toy is defective is 1/50. If Marie selects 2 toys from a shipment, what is the probability that both toys are defective?

GED Algebra: Algebraic Expressions, Polynomials, Linear Equations, Inequalities, Quadratic Equations

  1. Subtract (3x – 4y) – (4x – 3y)
  2. A painter uses the expression 35h + 30c to determine how much he charges a customer for a job that takes h hours and c cans of paint. His last job required 3 cans of paint and took 15 hours to complete. How much did the painter charge?
  3. In a science experiment, the initial temperature was 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and each hour after, the temperature dropped by 4 degrees. Which expression represents the temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, after t hours?
  4. Multiply (2x– y)(3x + y)
  5. A rental company carries tables that seat 2, 4, or 8 people. For a wedding, a customer orders x tables that seat 2 people, y tables that seat 4 people, and z tables that seat 8 people. Which expression represents the number of people who could be seated at the tables that the customer orders?
  6. 3/z + x/(x + 2)
  7. A written description of a mathematical expression is shown.
    the quotient of the sum of 4 and 2 times a number, and the difference of 6 less than 3 times the same number
    Which expression matches the written description?
  8. Lucy is shipping 5 boxes that all weigh the same, and 1 envelope that weighs 7.5 pounds. The total weight of the shipment is 65 pounds. What is the weight, in pounds, of each box?
  9. A system of equations is shown.
    4x + 3y = 8
    4x – 3y = −16
    What is the value of x?
  10. Isabella saved $15,000 and bought a car that cost $12,700. The insurance for the car will cost $600 per year. How many full years will Isabella be able to pay for car insurance with her remaining savings?
  11. Solve. 4x2 – x – 5 = 0

GED Graphs & Functions

  1. Points J, K, and L are plotted on a coordinate grid. What are the coordinates of the points on the coordinate grid?
  2. What is the slope of the line represented by the equation 3x + 4y = 8?
  3. Chelsea designs beaded bracelets. The equation P = 7 + 0.05b can be used to find the price, P, of a bracelet that has b beads. What does the number 0.05 in the equation represent?
  4. Kirsten walks up 6 flights of stairs to her office each morning as part of her exercise routine. She walks the first 3 flights, rests for 30 seconds, walks the next 2 flights at the same rate of speed as she walked the first 3 flights, rests again for 30 seconds, and then walks the last flight of stairs at the same rate. Which graph represents Kirsten walking up the stairs?
  5. What is the equation of the line that has a slope of -7 and passes through the point (4, 8)?
  6. What is the equation of the line that passes through the points (-3, -2) and (1, 6)?
  7. What is the slope of a line that is perpendicular to 5x – 2y = 1?
  8. Tim is looking at two websites that allow customers to print their own designs on Tshirts. One website charges $24 per T-shirt plus $8 shipping. The other website uses the equation C = 22n + 12to find the total cost, C, of printing n T-shirts. What is the difference in the cost of each website if Tim orders 10 T-shirts?
  9. Which table represents a function?
  10. What is the value of f(x) = 3x2 + 4 when x = -3?

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