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Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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Verbs have different forms, called tenses. The tense of a verb tells us when the action happens.

The following diagrams show examples of Future Perfect Continuous Tense. Scroll down the page for more examples and explanations.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Forms of Future Perfect Continuous Tense

will have been + present participle


I will have been working at the hospital for two years next month.

Contraction (short form)

I will have been

I’ll have been

You will have been

You'll have been

She will have been

She’ll have been

He will have been

He’ll have been

They will have been

They’ll have been

We will have been

We’ll have been

It will have been

It’ll have been


I’ll have been working at the hospital for two years next month

When do we use the future perfect continuous tense?

The past future continuous is similar to the future perfect, except that it expresses longer actions in the future before another action in the future.


She will have been waiting for nearly an hour by the time the bus finally arrives.

He will have been working at the bank for a year before it finally closes.

Future Continuous vs Future Perfect vs Future Perfect Continuous - English Tenses
This English tenses lesson will teach you about the last three future tenses to complete our series on learning the tenses. You will learn how and when to use the Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous when speaking English. Future Perfect Continuous
This video is about the Future Perfect Continuous. This is one of the hardest tenses for students English. The teacher will give you easy an easy example sentence to better understand it and provide you with formulas to make the different types of sentences. This lesson is for elementary students who wish to improve on their grammar, and even for advanced students who need to brush up on the grammar rules.

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