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Factor Trinomials with Two Variables

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The following diagram shows how to factor trinomials with two variables. This method only works when the leading coefficient is one. Scroll down the page for examples and solutions for other methods.

Factor Trinomials with Two variables

How to factor Trinomials with two variables?
Sometimes a trinomial may consists of two variables. We can factor the trinomial in a similar way as if it has only one variable. We can use the trial and error method (reverse FOIL method), the grouping method or the AC method.


Factor the following trinomials:
a) e26ef + 9f2
b) 2x2 + 7xy 15y2


a) e2 6ef + 9f2 = (e 3f)2
b) 2x2 + 7xy 15y2 = (2x 3y)(x + 5y)

Factoring trinomials with two variables
Step 1: Find the Product, Sum and the two numbers that "work"
Product = (First number) × (Last number)
Sum = (Middle Number)
Find two numbers that when multiplied gives the Product and when added gives the Sum.
Step 2: Split the middle term.
Step 3: Group in twos and remove the GCF of each group.
Step 4: Write in factored form.

1. 2c2 + 13cd + 6d2
2. 5x2 - 6xy + 1

How to factor trinomials with two variables and a = 1?
Some strategies to factor trinomials that have a = 1
1. a2 - 9ab + 14b2
2. m2 - mn - 30n2
How to factor trinomial with two variables and a > 1?
18m2 - 9mn - 2n2
Factor trinomial containing two variables
v2 + 5vf - 24f2 How to factor trinomial with two variables using gcf then grouping?
6m6n + 11m5n2 + 3m4n3 How to factor a trinomial with two variables using the AC Method?
30x3y - 25x2y2 - 30xy3 How to Factor Trinomials with Two Variables using the reverse FOIL or trial and error method?
1. 12x2 - 5xy - 2y2
2. 6x2 - 17xy + 10y2

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