Division Word Problems - Tape Diagrams

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Videos, examples, and solutions to help Grade 5 students learn how to solve word problems involving the division of whole numbers with answers in the form of fractions or whole numbers.

Common Core Standards: 5.NF.4a

New York State Common Core Math Grade 5, Module 4, Lesson 5

Grade 5, Module4, Lesson 5 Worksheets (pdf)

Lesson 5 Concept Development & Problem Set

Problem 1
A total of 2 yards of fabric is used to make 5 identical pillows. How much fabric is used for each pillow?

Problem 2
An ice-cream shop uses 4 pints of ice cream to make 6 sundaes. How many pints of ice cream are used for each sundae?

Problem 3
An ice-cream shop uses 6 bananas to make 4 identical sundaes. How much banana is used in each sundae? Use a tape diagram to show your work.

Problem 4
Julian has to read 4 articles for school. He has 8 nights to read them. He decides to read the same number of articles each night.
a. How many articles will he have to read per night?
b. What fraction of the reading assignment will he read each night?

Problem 5
Forty students shared 5 pizzas equally. How much pizza did each student receive? What fraction of the pizza did each student receive?

Problem 6
Lillian had 2 two-liter bottles of soda, which she distributed equally between 10 glasses.
a. How much soda was in each glass? Express your answer as a fraction of a liter.
b. Express your answer as a decimal number of liters.
c. Express your answer as a whole number of milliliters.

Problem 7
The Calef family likes to paddle along the Susquehanna River.
a. They paddled the same distance each day over the course of 3 days, traveling a total of 14 miles. How many miles did they travel each day? Show your thinking in a tape diagram.
b. If the Calefs went half their daily distance each day, but extended their trip to twice as many days, how far would they travel?

Lesson 5 Problem Set
Questions 4 - 7

Lesson 5 Homework
This video demonstrates how to use tape diagrams to solve fractional division problems. Basic algorithms and checks are also demonstrated.

  1. When someone donated 14 gallons of paint to Rosendale Elementary School, the fifth grade decided to use it to paint murals. They split the gallons equally among the four classes.
    a. How much paint did each class have to paint their mural?
    b. How much paint will three classes use? Show your thinking using words, numbers, or pictures.
    c. If 4 students share a 30 square foot wall equally, how many square feet of the wall will be painted by each student?
    d. What fraction of the wall will each student paint?

  2. Scott has 6 days to save enough money for a $45 concert ticket. If he saves the same amount each day, what is the minimum amount he must save each day in order to reach his goal? Express your answer in dollars.

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