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Division Strategies

Division Strategies Worksheets

Free printable and online math worksheets to help students learn how to apply the different division strategies or short cuts to solving problems.

Division is a fundamental operation in mathematics, and there are various strategies that can help make it more efficient for students. Here are some division strategies and worksheets:

  1. Divide by 0 or 1:
    Division by 0 is undefined in mathematics. Attempting to divide any number by 0 is not meaningful, and the result is considered undefined.
    When you divide any number by 1, the result is always the original number. Example: 2÷1=12
    When the dividend is 0, the result is always 0. Example: 0÷7=0
    Multiply or Divide by 0 or 1

  2. Fact Families:
    Learn & memorize the Fact Families of Multiplication & Division
    Fact Family Triangle (multiplication, division)

  3. Divide using Multiplication Facts:
    Use the knowledge of the multiplications to solve division problems.
    Division using Multiplication Facts (2 to 5)
    Divide using Multiplication Facts (6 to 10)
    Division Facts (Random Order)
    Mental Division (with or without remainder)

  4. Divide using Distributive Property:
    Break down the dividend into two or more numbers that are easier to divide by the divisor.
    Division using Distributive Property

It’s essential to learn multiple division strategies, as different strategies may be more suitable for different situations or for different learners. Encourage students to choose the strategy that makes the most sense to them and that helps them solve division problems efficiently.

Have a look at this video if you need help on how to use some of the division strategies.

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