Divide Decimal Dividends

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Examples, solutions, and lessons to help Grade 5 students learn how to divide decimal dividends by two-digit divisors, estimating quotients, reasoning about the placement of the decimal point, and making connections to a written method.

Common Core Standards: 5.NBT.2, 5.NBT.7

Problems 1–2
904 ÷ 32
456 ÷ 16
Problem 3
834.6 ÷ 26
Problem 4
48.36 ÷ 39
Problem 5
8.61 ÷ 41

Lesson 26 Problem Set

  1. 156 ÷ 24 and 102 ÷ 15 both have a quotient of 6 and a remainder of 12.
    a. Are the division expressions equivalent to each other? Use your knowledge of decimal division to justify your answer.
    b. Construct your own division problem with a two-digit divisor that has a quotient of 6 and a remainder of 12 but is not equivalent to the problems in 1(a).
  2. Divide, then check your work with multiplication.
    g. 300.9 ÷ 59
    h. 30.09 ÷ 59
    Use the first equation to solve the second problem. Explain how you decided where to place the decimal in the quotient.
    520.3 ÷ 43 ≈ 12.1
    52.03 ÷ 43 ≈ ______
  3. A blue rope is three times as long as a red rope. A green rope is 5 times as long as the blue rope. If the total length of the three ropes is 508.25 meters, what is the length of the blue rope?

Lesson 26 Homework

  1. Divide, then check your work with multiplication.
    a. 75.9 ÷ 22

Lesson 26 Homework

  1. Create two whole number division problems that have a quotient of 9 and a remainder of 5. Justify which is greater using decimal division.
  2. Divide, then check your work with multiplication.
    a. 75.9 ÷ 22
  3. Elaine has a desktop that is 4.5 feet by 5.5 feet, and she is going to cover it with patches of wallpaper that each measure 18 inches wide and 24 inches long.
    How many patches will Elaine need to cover the entire desktop? Justify your answer.

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