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Decompose and Compose Numbers to 10

Decomposing and composing numbers up to 10 involves breaking down numbers into smaller parts (decomposing) and combining smaller parts to form a whole (composing).

  1. Choose a number (e.g., 10) and demonstrate how to decompose it using the counters. For example, show 10 counters and explain that you can split them into two groups: 5 counters and 4 counters.
  2. Let the students practice decomposing numbers with their own sets of counters. Encourage them to try different ways of splitting the counters to represent the given number.
  3. Now, introduce the concept of composing by combining counters to form a given number. For example, start with 7 counters and add 2 more to make 10.
  4. Have the students represent their decompositions and compositions on paper or the whiteboard by drawing the objects.
  5. Introduce simple number sentences by writing equations. For example, 6 + 3 = 10
  6. Discuss the different ways students decomposed and composed numbers. Emphasize that numbers can be represented in various ways.

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Decompose Numbers to 10 worksheet for kindergarten

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