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Construct a Coordinate System on a Plane


Video Solutions to help grade 5 students learn how to construct a coordinate system on a plane.

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New York State Common Core Math Module 6, Grade 5, Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Concept Development

Problem 1: Construct a second number line, perpendicular to the x-axis, to give the coordinates of points that do not fall directly on the x- or y-axis.

Problem 2: Name the coordinate pairs of shapes on the coordinate plane.

Lesson 2 Problem Set

1. a. Use a set square to draw a line perpendicular to the x-axes through points P, Q, and R. Label the new line as the y-axis.
b. Choose one of the sets of perpendicular lines above and create a coordinate plane. Mark 7 units on each axis and label as whole numbers.

2. Use the coordinate plane to answer.
a. Tell the shape at each location.
b. Which shape is 2 units from the y-axis?
c. Which shape has an x-coordinate of 0?
d. Which shape is 4 units from the y-axis and 3 units from the x-axis?

3. Use the coordinate plane to answer.
a. Fill in the blanks.
b. Name the shape whose x-coordinate is 1/2 unit more than the heart’s x-coordinate.
c. Plot a triangle at (3, 4).
d. Plot a square at (4 3/4, 5).
e. Plot an X at (1/2, 3/4).

4. The pirate’s treasure is buried at the X on the map. How could a coordinate plane make describing its location easier?

Lesson 2 Homework

1. a. Use a set-square to draw a line perpendicular to the x-axis through point P. Label the new line as the y-axis.
4. Mr. Palmer plans to bury a time capsule 10 yards behind the school. What else should he do to make naming the location of the time capsule more accurate?

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