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Name Points and Plot Points using Coordinate Pairs

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Videos, examples and solutions to help grade 5 students learn how to name points using coordinate pairs, and use the coordinate pairs to plot points.

New York State Common Core Math Grade 5, Module 6, Lesson 3, Lesson 4

Lesson 3 Concept Development

Problem 1: Construct a coordinate plane.
Problem 2: Use coordinate pairs to name and plot points.

Lesson 3 Problem Set

1. Use the grid below, to complete the following tasks.
a. Construct an x-axis that passes through points A and B.
b. Construct a perpendicular y-axis that passes through points C and F.
c. Label the origin as 0.
d. The x-coordinate of B is 5 2/3. Label the whole numbers along the x-axis.
e. The y-coordinate of C is 5 1/3. Label the whole numbers.

2. For all of the following problems, consider the points through on the previous page.
a. Identify all of the points that have an x-coordinate of 3 1/2.
b. Identify all of the points that have a y-coordinate of 2 2/3.
c. Which point is 3 1/2 units above the x-axis and 2 2/3 units to the right of the y-axis? Name the point and give its coordinate pair.
d. Which point is located 5 1/3 units from the y-axis?
e. Which point is located 1 2/3 units along the x-axis?
f. Give the coordinate pair for each of the following points.
________ : ________ : ________ : ________
g. Name the points located at the following coordinates.
h. Which point has an equal - and -coordinate? ______
i. Give the coordinates for the intersection of the two axes. ___________ Another name for this point on the plane is the ___________.
j. Plot the following points.
k. What is distance between E and H, or EH?
l. What is the length HD?
m. Would the length ED be greater or less than EH + HD?
n. Jack was absent when the teacher explained how to describe the location of a point on the coordinate plane. Explain it to him using point J. Lesson 3 Homework

1. Use the grid below to complete the following tasks.
a. Construct a y-axis that passes through points Y and Z.
b. Construct a perpendicular x-axis that passes through points Z and X.
c. Label the origin as 0.
d. The y-coordinate of W is 2 3/5. Label the whole numbers along the y-axis.
e. The x-coordinate of V is 2 2/5. Label the whole numbers.

Lesson 4 Homework

Your homework is to play at least one game of Battleship with a friend or family member. You can use the directions from class to teach your opponent. You and your opponent should record your guesses, hits, and misses on the sheet as you did in class.
When you have finished your game, answer these questions.
1. When you guess a point that is a hit, how do you decide which points to guess next?
2. How could you change the coordinate plane to make the game easier or more challenging?
3. Which strategies worked best for you when playing this game?

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