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There are three sets of converting decimals worksheets.
Convert Decimals to Fractions
Convert Decimals to Mixed Numbers
Convert Repeating Decimals to Fractions

Free math worksheets to help Grade 6 students learn how to convert decimals to fractions. Include converting decimals to fractions word problems.

How to convert a decimal to a fraction?

Check that the decimal is less than 1. If the decimal is greater than 1 then use the convert to a mixed number method.

  1. Write the decimal value as the numerator of the fraction: For example, 0.75 is 75 hundredths and so the numerator is 75.
  2. Determine the denominator based on the number of decimal places: Since 0.75 has two decimal places, the denominator will be 10 raised to the power of the number of decimal places. In this case, it’s 102 = 100.
  3. Simplify the fraction if possible: In this case, 75/100 can be simplified by dividing both the numerator and denominator by their greatest common divisor, which is 25. After simplifying, the fraction becomes 3/4.

So, 0.75 as a fraction is 3/4.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to convert decimals to fractions.

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There are two sets of convert decimals to fractions worksheets.

  • Convert Decimals to Fractions (do not simplify answers)
  • Convert Decimals to Fractions (simplify answers)

Convert Decimal to Fraction Worksheet

More Convert Decimals to Fractions Worksheets

(Answers on the second page.)
Decimals to Fractions Worksheet #1 (do not simplify answers)
Decimals to Fractions Worksheet #2 (simplify answers)

Decimals to Fractions
Decimals to Mixed Numbers

Convert Decimals to Fractions Word Problems

  1. Emily scored 0.75 of the total points in a game. What fraction of the total points did she score?
  2. A recipe calls for 0.6 kilograms of flour. Express this amount as a fraction in its simplest form.
  3. A group of students spent 0.25 of their time studying math. What fraction of their time was spent on math?

Convert Decimal to Fraction Lesson

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