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Write Expressions in Which Letters Stand for Numbers

Videos to help Grade 6 students write algebraic expressions that record all operations with numbers and letters standing for the numbers.

Learn how to convert words into algebraic expressions.

New York State Common Core Math Module 4, Grade 6, Lesson 17

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Lesson 17 Student Outcomes

Students write algebraic expressions that record all operations with numbers and letters standing for the numbers.

Lesson 17 Opening Exercise

Underline the key math vocabulary words in each statement.
a. The sum of twice b and 5.
b. The quotient of c and d.
c. a raised to the fifth power then increased by the product of 5 and c.
d. The quantity of a plus b divided by 4.
e. 10 less than the product of 15 and c.
f. 5 times d increased by 8.

Lesson 17 Classwork

Station One:
1. The sum of a and b.
2. Five more than twice a number c.
3. Martha bought number of apples and then ate 6 of them.

Station Two:
1. 14 decreased by p.
2. The total of d and f, divided by 8.
3. Rashod scored 6 less than 3 times as many baskets as Mike. Mike scores b baskets.

Station Three:
1. The quotient of c and 6.
2. Triple the sum of x and 17.
3. Gabrielle has b buttons but then lost 6. Gabrielle took the remaining buttons and split them equally among her 5 friends.

Station Four:
1. d doubled.
2. Three more than 4 times a number x.
3. Mali has c pieces of candy. She doubles the amount of candy she has then gives away 15 pieces.

Station Five:
1. f cubed.
2. The quantity of 4 increased by a, and then the sum is divided by 9.
3. Tai earned 4 points fewer than double Oden’s points. Oden earned p points.

Station Six:
1. The difference between d and 8.
2. 6 less than the sum of d and 9.
3. Adalyn has x pants and shirts. She combined them and sold half of them. How many items did Adalyn sell?

Problem Set
Write an expression using letters and/or numbers for each problem below.
1. 4 less than the quantity of 8 times n

2. 6 times the sum of y and 11

3. The square of m reduced by 49

4. The quotient when the quantity of 17 plus p is divided by 8

5. Jim earned j in tips, and Steve earned s in tips. They combine their tips and then split them equally.

6. Owen has c collector cards. He quadruples the number of cards he has and then combines them with Ian, who has i collector cards.

7. Rae runs 4 times as many miles as Madison and Aaliyah combined. Madison runs m miles, and Aaliyah runs a miles.

8. By using coupons, Mary Jo is able to decrease the retail price of her groceries, g, by $125.

9. To calculate the area of a triangle, you find the product of the base and height and then divide by 2.

10. The temperature today was 10 degrees colder than twice yesterday’s temperature, t.

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