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Multi-Step Word Problems

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Examples, videos, and solutions to help Grade 4 students learn how to use multiplication, addition, or subtraction to solve multi-step word problems.

Common Core Standards: 4.OA.1, 4.OA.2, 4.OA.3, 4.NBT.5

New York State Common Core Math Grade 4, Module 3, Lesson 13

Grade 4, Module 3, Lesson 13 Worksheets (pdf)

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 13 Concept Development
Problem 1:
Over the summer, Kate earned $180 each week for 7 weeks. Of that money, she spent $375 on a new computer and $137 on new clothes. How much money did she have left?

NYS Math Module 3 Grade 4 Lesson 13 Homework
Solve using the RDW process.
1. A pair of jeans costs $89. A jean jacket costs twice as much. What is the total cost of a jean jacket and 4 pairs of jeans?

2. Sarah bought a shirt on sale for $35. The original price of the shirt was 3 times that amount. Sarah also bought a pair of shoes on sale for $28. The original price of the shoes was 5 times that amount. How much money did the shirt and shoes cost before they went on sale?

3. All 3,000 seats in a theater are being replaced. So far, 5 sections of 136 seats and a sixth section containing 348 seats have been replaced. How many more seats do they still need to replace?

4. Computer Depot sold 762 reams of paper. Paper Palace sold 3 times as much paper as Computer Depot and 143 reams more than Office Supply Central. How many reams of paper were sold by all three stores combined?

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