Word Problems - Area of Triangles

These lessons, with videos, examples, step-by-step solutions and worksheets, help Algebra students learn how to solve word problems that involve area of triangles.

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Writing quadratic equations to solve word problems: Area of a triangle

The height of a triangle is 3 cm more than the base. The area of the triangle is 17 cm2. Find the base to the nearest hundredth of a cm.

How to solve a triangle if you know the area?
This is a word problem you solve by writing an equation and factoring.
Word Problem: Area of a Triangle

The height of a triangle is 4 inches more than twice the length of the base. The area of the triangle is 35 square inches. Find the height of the triangle.

Area of a Triangle - Algebra and Geometry Help

The base of triangle is 5 units less than twice the height. If the area is 75 square units, then what is the length of the base and the height?

Algebra and Triangles : solving equations linked to perimeter and area

The sides of a triangle are given as 3x, x - 1 and 3x + 1. If the perimeter is 56m, find the area.

Find area of a triangle- word problem

In triangle ABC, AD = 10cm, the length of CD is half the length of AD, and the length of BD is twice the length of AD. What is the area of triangle ABC?

How to find the dimensions of a triangle given its area?
This problem would involving solving quadratic equations.

The height of a triangle is 4 inches less than the length of the base. The area of the triangle is 30 in2. Find the height and the base.

Word problem involving area of triangle

Before she goes camping, La Verne has to buy a tent pole to replace the one she lost on her last outing. If the area of the front of the tent is 22 square feet and the base of the tent has the dimensions indicated below, how tall must the pole be?

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