Solving Word Problems

A series of free, online Intermediate Algebra Lessons or Algebra II lessons, with videos, examples and solutions to help Algebra students lean

  • how to solve linear equations
  • how to solve for a parameter in a linear equation (solving literal equations)
  • how to solve geometry word problems
  • how to solve mixture word problems

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Solving Linear Equations

Equations are fundamental to Algebra, and solving linear equations is necessary for students in order to learn how to solve two-step equations, and other multi-step equations. Solving linear equations means f inding the value for the variable that makes the statement true using additive and multiplicative inverses.

This video explains how to solve two step equations.

This video explains how to solve a multi-step linear equation in one variable with parentheses and variables on both sides of the equation.

Solving for a Parameter in a Linear Equation

When solving for a parameter in a linear equation we need to remember that a parameter is simply a variable. When solving for a variable, we can isolate and solve for it by using additive or multiplicative inverses. This is also called solving literal equations.

How to solve for a parameter in a simple linear equation.

Geometry Word Problems

We can use linear equations to solve a number of real-life problems, such as geometry word problems. When solving word problems using linear equations, we first need to pull out the relevant information and put it into equation form. Also, with geometry word problems, we need to know basic geometry concepts such as triangle properties and rectangle properties.

Writing an equation and finding the dimensions of a rectangle knowing the perimeter and some information about the about the length and width.

How to find the angles of a triangle by creating a linear equation.

Applied Linear Equations: Mixture Problems

Some word problems using systems of equations involve mixing two quantities with different prices. To solve mixture problems, knowledge of solving systems of equations. is necessary. Most often, these problems will have two variables, but more advanced problems have systems of equations with three variables. Other types of word problems using systems of equations include rate word problems and work word problems.

How to solve a mixture problem when the size difference between the two containers is known.

Writing an equation and finding the amounts of two different antifreeze solutions that must be mixed to obtain the desired antifreeze solution.

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