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Whole Numbers as Fractions

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Examples, videos, and solutions to help Grade 3 students learn how to express whole numbers as fractions and recognize equivalence with different units.

Common Core Standards: 3.NF.3a, 3.NF.3b, 3.NF.3c

New York State Common Core Math Grade 3, Module 5, Lesson 24

Worksheets for Grade 3, Module 5, Lesson 24

The zipper on Robert’s jacket is 1 foot long. It breaks on the first day of winter. He can only zip it 8/12 of the way before it gets stuck.

Draw and label a number line to show how far Robert can zip his jacket.

Lesson 24 Concept Development

Use fractions strips and number bonds to show that 1 whole = 2/2 = 3/3 = 4/4 = 6/6 etc.

Lesson 24 Homework

1. Write number bonds as indicated. Partition and label the number line to show the unit fractions of the number bond. Don’t forget to rename the 0 and 1 as fractions of the given unit.

2. Circle all the fractions above that are equal to 1. Write them in a number sentence below.

3. What pattern do you notice in the fractions that are equivalent to 1? Following this pattern, how would you write the next whole as a fraction?

4. In an Art class, Mr. Joselyn gave everyone a 1 foot skewer to measure and cut. Vivian broke hers into 5 equal pieces, and Scott broke his into 7 equal pieces. Scott said to Vivian, “The total length of my stick must be longer than yours because I have 7 pieces and you only have 5.” Is Scott correct? Use words, pictures, or a number line to help you explain.

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