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Whole Number Word Problems

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Whole Number Operations
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Free video lessons on how to solve whole number word problems using the math models (tape diagrams/block models) taught in Singapore Math.

Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Whole numbers, Word Problem Q21

Learn math word problem solving using models
Example: Riley types at a speed of 25 words a minute. If she took 18 minutes to type an essay, how many words did the essay have?

Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Whole Numbers, Word Problem Q22

Watch and learn how to solve maths word problems using models
Example: The table below shows the number of travelers that arrived at an airport last week. There were twice as many travelers on Saturday as on Sunday and twice as many on Friday as on Saturday. How many travelers arrived on Friday?

Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Whole Numbers, Word Problem Q23

If math word problems give you a nightmare then you have to watch this video and others in this playlist. Learn how to approach a word problem using models.
Example: The total mass of a tin containing 16 boxes of cookies is 3260 g. The mass of the tin is 220 g. If each empty box has a mass of 10 g, what is the mass of cookies each box?

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