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Whole Number Word Problems

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Whole Number Operations
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Free video lessons on how to solve whole number word problems using the math models (tape diagrams/block models) taught in Singapore Math.

Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Whole Numbers, Word Problem Q17

Math word problems are easier than you think. Watch this video to learn how to use models to understand and solve maths word problems.
Example: A mom is 3 times as old as her son. 10 years later the mom will 2 times as old as the son. How old is the mom now?

Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Whole Numbers, Word Problem Q18

How to use models to solve word problems.
Example: Joe paid $10000 upfront for a truck priced at $96400. He will pay the remaining sum of money by monthly installments of $600 each. How many years will it take Joe to pay off all the installments?

Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Whole Numbers, Word Problem Q19

Understand and solve math word problems on whole numbers using models
Example: A floor measuring 700 cm by 500 cm is being tiled using 100-cm2 tiles. If each 100 cm2 tile costs $2, how much will it cost to tile the floor?

Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Whole Numbers, Word Problem Q20

Word problems are easy! Don't think so? Watch this video and you will start believing so.
Example: The following are the rates that a cab charges. How much do you pay for a 4 km ride?

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