Volume of a Cube

In these lessons, we will learn

  • what is volume?
  • how to find the volume of a cube.
  • how to solve word problems about cubes.
  • about nets of a cube.

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Solid geometry is concerned with three-dimensional shapes and their properties.

What is Volume?

The volume of a three-dimensional shape is a measurement of the space occupied by the shape.

Volume is measured in cubic units.

volume of a unit cube

The volume of a unit cube
= 1 unit × 1 unit × 1 unit
= 1 unit3 ( Read as one cubic unit )

The volume of a cube with sides 1 cm × 1 cm × 1 cm

volume of 1 cm cube

Volume = 1 cm × 1 cm × 1 cm = 1 cm3 ( Read as one cubic cm )

Some important units of conversion for volume are:
1 cm3 = 1,000 mm3
1 m3 = 1,000, 000 cm3

Volume of a Cube

A cube is a three-dimensional figure with equal edges and six matching square sides.

Volume of a cube

The figure above shows a cube. The dotted lines indicate edges hidden from your view.

If s is the length of one of its sides, then the volume of the cube is s × s × s

Volume of the cube = s3

Since the cube has six square-shape sides, the

Surface area of a cube = 6s2

Worksheet to calculate volume and surface area of cubes.

How to find the volume of a cube?

Step 1: Find the length of a side
Step 2: Substitute into the equation
Step 3: Evaluate
Step 4: Write the units

Find the volume of a cube with side length of 20 feet.

Word Problems about Cubes

This video gives a word problem about the volume of cubes.

Alex formed the solid as shown below. It is made up of 2-in cubes. What is the volume of the solid?

A shipping company fills cases with boxes that are cubes. They pack 20 boxes of cubes in a case. What are the possible dimensions of the case?

Nets of a Cube

Imagine making cuts along some edges of a cube and opening it up to form a plane figure. The plane figure is called the net of the cube. There are 11 possible nets for a cube as shown in the following figures.

nets of a cube

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