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Dot Product of Vectors

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Examples, solutions, videos, and lessons for PreCalculus students learning how to find the dot product of vectors.

The Dot Product of Vectors

An operation used frequently on vectors is the vector dot product, sometimes known as the scalar product. The vector dot product is an operation on vectors that takes two vectors and produces a scalar, or a number. The vector dot product can be used to find the angle between two vectors, and to determine perpendicularity. It is also used in other applications of vectors such as with the equations of planes.

How to compute the dot product of two vectors

Vectors - The Dot Product

This video shows how to compute the dot product of two vectors, along with some useful theorems and results involving dot products. 3 complete examples are shown.

An Introduction to the Dot Product

What the dot product means and how it relates to the Law of Cosines. We prove the formula for dot product using the Law of Cosines.

Introduction to the vector dot product

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