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Using the Semicolon

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"Mr. Semicolon Song"
There was a semicolon: a comma and a dot;
he separated clauses that are independent thoughts
An independent clause is one completed thought,
and two are separated with a comma and a dot.
Example one:
Ron hit John in the face;(semicolon)
consequently, John's face is blue and swollen
Are you gettin' a clue
Well here's example two:
Ron says basketball is his favorite sport;
amazingly, he's really good for being so short.
Between the two clauses in case you forgot
is a semicolon, yep, a comma and a dot. Hey!
Mr. Semicolon is also used between
a bunch of items listed that have commas
in those "things."

Mr. Semicolon song, Part 1
What are semicolons? When are they used? What are some examples?
All are discussed in my song, "Mr. Semicolon".
Mr. Semicolon song, Part 2

Mr. Semicolon song, Part 3
How are semicolon used in a list of things?
I'm buying fruit, toothpaste, and beer. I want to visit Las Vegas, Nevada; New York, New York; and Seattle, Washington. The people present at the meeting were Isaiah Galang, CSI; Crystal Gomez, lawyer; and Ty Jones, trash collector.
How to use a semicolon?

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