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TOEFL Speaking Section Question 3

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TOEFL Speaking Tips for Tasks 3 and 5 (Campus-related)
TOEFL Speaking Question 3 Help

TOEFL SPEAKING question 3 (4 samples) Read, listen and summarize

Here are the announcements:
1) Closure for the Evening Class
With the decrease of students interested in the evening class, the university decided to discontinue it. This decision was made because the number of students for the evening class has declined for the past few years and more students prefer to study with an experienced faculty member. Students who already registered for the evening class are required to change their schedule, or refunds will be applicable for those who cannot meet the schedule.

2) Welcome, Freshman Students!
As of September 1st, unlike last year, the university has decided to change its plan from holding freshmen orientation for all students it giving them the option of either going on a campus hiking tour or participating in games. This change has been decided by the student committee since the number of participants was relatively low in previous years. The university hopes that this change will give the students opportunities to interact with fellow freshmen and reduce the tension of coming to the new school with new surroundings.

3) Plan to Enlarge the Library
We plan to enlarge the library by 20 000 square feet and the space would be devoted to increased shelf space for printed materials and more desks for students. The university plans to transform the main library into a learning and information center that will fulfill promise to offer the best possible environment for academic success and high achieving students in the 21st century. The work is expected to begin in early February and it will be completed next year.

4) Library Renovation plan
In June 2007, a one year renovation of the main library began. When the renovation is completed, the IT center will be equipped with computers with the latest technology and space for quiet talks. Additionally, the room will be accessible for 24 hours. All floors including the lobby, halls and entrances, will come together with a light colored wooden floor and it will be brightened up with the newly painted walls.

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