Chemistry Required Practical: Titration

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GCSE Chemistry Required Practical - Titration

Determination of the reacting volumes of solutions of a strong acid and a strong alkali by titration.

  1. Use the pipette and pipette filler to put exactly 25 cm3 sodium hydroxide solution into the conical flask.
  2. Put the flask on a white tile.
  3. Clamp the burette vertically in the clamp stand. There should be just enough room underneath for the conical flask and tile.
  4. Close the burette tap.
  5. Use the small funnel to carefully fill the burette with dilute sulfuric acid. Before it completely fills put a small beaker underneath the tap, gently open it to allow acid to fill the tap, before closing again and filling the burette to the 0.00 cm3 line. Remove the funnel.
  6. Put 5–10 drops of methyl orange indicator into the conical flask. Swirl the flask to mix and put under the burette on top of the tile. The contents of the flask will go yellow.
  7. Carefully open the burette tap so that 10 cm3 sulfuric acid slowly flows into the flask. Constantly swirl the flask when adding the acid. Then add the acid drop by drop until you see a permanent colour change from yellow to pink in the flask.
    You need to be able to shut the tap immediately after a single drop of acid causes the colour to become permanently colourless.
  8. Read the burette scale carefully and record the volume of acid you added to 2dp.
  9. Repeat steps 1‒8 twice more and record the results in the table.

Titration - GCSE Science Required Practical
How to accurately calculate the concentration of an acid using titration?

00:00 Using glass pipette for base
04:22 Using burette for acid
06:25 Performing rough titration
08:15 Accurate titration
10:13 Concentration calculation

GCSE Science Chemistry Required Practical: Carrying out a Titration

Describe the procedure for carrying out a titration.

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