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Theory of Relativity

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More Lessons for High School Physics

A series of high school Physics lectures: Introduction to Special Relativity, Einstein's Two Postulates of Special Relativity, Simultaneity, Time Dilation, Length Contraction.

Introduction to Special Relativity
Describes the 3 effects of relativity (time dilation, length contraction and mass change), and why we say they are relative. Introduces the Lorentz factor as and looks at the Lorentz factor changes with speed.
Einstein's Two Postulates of Special Relativity
Explains the meaning of the two postulates and these simple postulates lead to a determination of the Lorentz factor for the case of time dilation. Introduces the notion of proper time, and derives the time dilation equation.

Simultaneity - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
Einstein's Relativity: Time Dilation

Length Contraction
Relativistic length contraction with examples

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