Terms, Variables, Coefficients And Constants

In these lessons, we will learn what are terms, variables, coefficients and constants in algebra.

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The following diagrams give examples of equations, expressions, terms, coefficients, variables, constants. Scroll down for examples and solutions.

Terms in Algebra

Algebraic Expression Vocabulary - Terms, Coefficients, Constants

Terms are parts of an algebraic expression separated by addition or subtraction (+, -) symbols.

A constant term is a number with no variable factors. It is a term whose value never changes.


  1. Consider the algebraic expression: 4x5 + 4 - 22x2 - x + 17
    a. List the terms.
    b. Identify the constant term.

  2. Complete the table by listing the factors and identifying the coefficients.

  3. Consider the algebraic expression 5y4 - 8y3 + y2 - y/4 - 7
    a. How many terms are there?
    b. Identify the constant term.
    c. What is the coefficient of the first term?
    d. What is the coefficient of the second term?
    e. What is the coefficient of the third term?
    f. List the factors of the fourth term.

Terms And Coefficients
Defines terms and coefficients and variable part of a term in preparation for combining like terms.

A term is a number, variable, or a product or quotient of numbers and variables.

A variable expression contain one or more variable terms added or subtracted.

Terms, Variables, Constants, Coefficients
A variable is a symbol (usually letter/letters) used to represent:
a) an unknown quantity (number)
b) any one of many numbers to indicate a general principle.

A constant is a single number.

A coefficient is a number “in front of” a variable.

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