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Printable Time Worksheets for 1st Grade: Time Time to the Hour
Tell Time to Half Hour

Telling Time Worksheets

In these First Grade math worksheets, students practice how to tell time to the hour on the analog and digital clocks.
For the analog clock, when the minute hand is at 12, the hour hand tells the time.

Teaching time to the hour in grade 1 is an essential concept that lays the foundation for understanding the basics of telling time.

  1. Introduction to the Clock:
    Introduce the analog clock to the students.
    Point out the hour hand and the minute hand.
    Explain that the numbers on the clock represent hours.
  2. The Minute Hand and Hour Hand:
    The minute hand will be at 12.
    Emphasize the hour hand and its role in telling the hour.
    Practice pointing to different hours on a large clock model.
  3. Practice with Whole Hours:
    Practice reading and identifying whole hours on the clock (e.g., 1:00, 2:00, 3:00)
    Use visual aids and clocks with clearly marked hours.
    Assess students’ understanding by asking questions like “What time is it?” and having them show it on a clock.

Teaching time to the hour in grade 1 involves a combination of hands-on activities, visual aids, and interactive games. Providing real-life connections helps students see the relevance of telling time and strengthens their understanding of the concept. Continuous practice and engagement with analog clocks contribute to their overall time-telling skills.

Have a look at this video if you need to learn how to tell time to the hour on the analog and digital clocks.

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Telling Time Worksheet for First Grade

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Tell time to the hour

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