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Tangents, Chords, Angles

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Angles in Semicircles
An angle is inscribed in a semicircle is 90° because it will be half the measure of a semicircle (180 degrees). Angles in semicircle is one way of finding missing missing angles and lengths. Pythagorean's theorem can be used to find missing lengths (remember that the diameter is the hypotenuse).

Chords to Tangents
The measure of an angle formed by a chord to a tangent is half the intercepted arc.

Arcs, semicircles, and central angles
Central Angle
A central angle C of a circle has its vertex at the center C of the circle. It separates the circle into two arcs: the minor arc and the major arc.
Chord and Tangent intersection
How to find the measure of an arc formed by the intersection of a chord and a tangent line in a circle?

Angles Formed by Chords, Tangents & Secants

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